Receipt Notice in Family Preference Visa Applications in Anne Arundel

A recept notice is a notice of action issued by the USCIS acknowledging that an application has been received by them. The significance of a receipt notice when it comes to the family preference category is that it contains information about the application that was submitted. It also showed when the priority date is, allowing the beneficiary to estimate how long they would have to wait to apply for an immigrant visa in the United States or abroad.

Significance of a Receipt Notice

It is important that the beneficiary or petitioner understands that receipt notices could be used to track the adjudication process of the Form I-130 application, as well as any application submitted to the USCIS. The receipt notice provides updates regarding a person’s application(s), including if an application was sent from one field office to another. It could also be used to show when an interview has been scheduled or to track processing times.

What is the Visa Bulletin?

The visa bulletin allows petitioners and beneficiaries to know if their priority date is current, which also allows someone to apply for an immigrant visa or to adjust. The visa bulletin is issued each month by the Department of State and can be found here.

A person applying for immigrant status under the family preference category should check the visa bulletin on a monthly basis because the priority dates speed up and slow down each month. It is important to check monthly to find out how much longer they should expect to be waiting or if it is time to begin getting things ready for the immigrant visa application abroad or if it is time to submit the I-45 form application to adjust in the United States.

It is important to know that there are some countries with longer wait times. Those countries are India, China, Mexico, and the Philippines. Since they have a longer wait time, beneficiaries and petitioners should check the visa bulletin monthly to see whether their priority dates have advanced or retrogressed.

Impact on Family Preference Category

The visa bulletin applies to the family preference category because it allows the intending immigrant beneficiary to find out when they should be receiving notification from the National Visa Center. They could begin the immigrant visa application when they are eligible to submit an adjustment application, the I-45 application, to adjust in the United States.

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Applying for legal status is an exciting time for someone looking to migrate to the United States. Unfortunately, the process of gaining legal status is extremely lengthy, even with the help of a family member. However, with the help of an experienced attorney, petitioners and beneficiaries may find the process much easier.

To learn more about the process for obtaining a family preference, or for help with locating your receipt of the notice for a pending application in Anne Arundel, be sure to schedule a consultation as soon as possible today. Doing so could improve your chances of submitting a successful application.

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