Waiver of Inadmissibility Forms in Alexandria

The purpose of waiver of inadmissibility forms in Alexandria is to permit admission after a violation under INA 212(a). These are waivers for health-related grounds, criminal-related grounds, public charge grounds, labor protection grounds, fraud or other immigration violations, unlawful presence, and miscellaneous grounds like prostitution or polygamy. For more application information, speak with a skilled waivers of inadmissibility attorney.

Requirements for the Applicant

If a person is overseas applying for admission, rather than applying for permanent resident status, then they apply for a waiver at the consul with documents proving admissibility with a waiver, and the person also applies for a waiver of inadmissibility when they seek to adjust status as a permanent resident or initial entry to the United States.

The form requires a person to submit all supporting documents at the time of applying, which means that if evidence of a qualifying relationship or hardship is required, all of the evidence that meets the criteria for eligibility for the waiver must be presented at the time of submission.

What is the Filing Process?

The filing process for waiver of inadmissibility forms in Alexandria depends on the kind of waiver sought. If an I-601 waiver is sought, then a fee of $930 is required. If it is an I-601A waiver of unlawful presence, then the filing fee is $630 plus an $85 biometric fee. If applying for a non-immigrant visa waiver, the documents are presented at the time of the interview and then no fee is required in that instance.

Following the Completion of Inadmissibility Forms

Completing this form does not automatically grant a person access. The person must also submit evidence demonstrating eligibility for the waiver which may include a qualifying relationship, as well as evidence of extreme hardship to the qualifying family member, and any positive equities in the applicant’s background that goes towards a discretionary decision for admission.

After the form is completed and all evidence in support of the application is documented, then the form is submitted to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) for adjudication.

Who Views the Forms?

Depending on the basis of the waiver, Waiver of inadmissibility forms in Alexandria may go to the USCIS Vermont Service Center, the Phoenix Lockbox, the Chicago Lockbox or, if in removal proceedings, to the Immigration Judge. For people abroad and applying for an initial entry into the United States, they may be submitting the waiver at the Consulate or Embassy abroad, and they will be adjudicated there.

If a non-immigrant visa waiver is sought, then a Consular Officer will adjudicate, a USCIS Officer at the Nebraska Service Center will adjudicate, or an Immigration Judge if the person is in removal proceedings.

What Someone Should Know About Waiver Forms

The form is 12 pages and the instructions are 21 pages. If the Consul provides a deadline, then one must adhere to the deadline for the submission of a waiver. The deadline is usually one year for visa applications overseas because the U.S. Embassy or Consulate will close an application with a year of inactivity.

There is a deadline if applying overseas or if USCIS requests a submission for a waiver of inadmissibility before a certain date. If a person is still denied admission after sending in the form, they are barred from entering or appealing if found inadmissible and the waiver is not granted. However, they may re-file with additional evidence of eligibility or appeal that denial.

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