Evidence in Alexandria VAWA Cases

Evidence in Alexandria VAWA cases, can be an extremely important factor when applying for VAWA, such as one’s past immigration or criminal history. VAWA applicants should keep in mind that not having evidence on hand does not mean that evidence cannot be obtained by exhausting Freedom of Information Act requests and hiring investigators. There are several important factors in Alexandria VAWA cases that can make the application process complicated. If someone is completing a VAWA application, they should seek an experienced immigration attorney right away for assistance.

Importance of Evidence in Alexandria VAWA Cases

Attorneys can assist individuals in coming up with creative solutions for obtaining evidence of the qualifying relationship, of the status of the abuser and the abused, good moral character, or other evidence that the USCIS deems to be lacking in the application. This may include filing Freedom of Information Act request, hiring investigators, speaking to neighbors, tracking down former spouses, or using any other tools available to obtain information about the abuser and the abused that may be considered secondary evidence.

Applicant Safety

VAWA applicants should know that USCIS will not contact the abuser during the pendency of the VAWA application or after. Some individuals continue to live and to have a qualifying relationship with the abuser. There is no requirement that the applicant severs all ties with the abuser. The issues with regard to abuse are complicated, so USCIS does not compel reporting abuse to the police or compel the applicant to speak to a licensed therapist or psychologist. The VAWA applicant should rest assured that applying for VAWA is a safe process.

Supporting Evidence in Alexandria VAWA Cases

Supporting evidence needed for a VAWA application will include evidence of the qualifying relationship. If it is a spousal relationship, it could be a marriage certificate. If it is a parent-child relationship, it will require birth certificates to prove the relationship or DNA testing. An individual also needs to provide proof of cohabitation. This could be shown in the form of leases, deeds, correspondence that arrives to the home, letters from neighbors and friends attesting that that person lives at that address, utility bills, or anything that will have the petitioner’s address and name listed as residents.

Applicants must also prove that they have suffered abuse at the hands of the U.S. citizen or permanent resident relative. They will need to provide police reports, hospital records, statements from friends and family, letters from counselors, and anything else that could prove the abuse. Additionally, they will have to prove that they have good moral character. They will need to provide police clearances that confirm that there are no criminal records in that jurisdiction for the applicant.

Reaching Out to an Immigration Lawyer

It is recommended to consult with a professional immigration attorney before filing any sort of immigration benefit. There are important pieces of evidences in Alexandria VAWA cases that an attorney can help the applicant with. It may be that while the applicant meets the eligibility standard for VAWA, they may not be eligible for adjustment. The applicant may not have all the evidence necessary for VAWA, and will need professional assistance in obtaining the standard requirements. If you wish to receive help regarding evidence in Alexandria VAWA cases, reach out to a dedicated immigration attorney today for your consultation.

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