Alexandria U Visa Applications

Alexandria U visa applications are complicated, thorough processes that can feel overwhelming to complete on one’s own. Know that assistance from a professional Alexandria U visa lawyer can greatly ease this process along in order to ensure that nothing has been left out, and all correct documents are present and properly filled out. Become acquainted with the information below to learn exactly what you need prepared for your Alexandria U visa application, as well as the benefits of retaining a dedicated Alexandria immigration attorney.

Applying for U Nonimmigrant Status in the United States

When applying for U nonimmigrant status within the United States, an applicant must submit the following forms:

  • Form I-918
  • Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status
  • Form I-918 Supplement B
  • U Nonimmigrant Status Certification
  • Form I-192
  • Form I-765
  • Application for Employment Authorization
  • The U Visa Application

In addition to these official forms, the applicant also needs to submit a statement describing the crime and the suffering endured by the applicant as a result. The Application for Employment Authorization is necessary for a U visa to be granted in order to ensure that employment authorization will be granted as soon as the U visa is approved. If the individual needs to request a waiver of inadmissibility, they will also need to submit the Application for Advanced Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant.

Outside the United States

If applying for U nonimmigrant status outside of the US, the applicant still submits all of the same forms as if they were applying within the states. However, the applicant will need to be fingerprinted at a U.S. Embassy or consulate when overseas. If approved, the applicant must go through consular processing and be interviewed at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

How to Obtain a Law Enforcement Certification

A law enforcement certification is a document that demonstrates to USCIS that a qualifying crime occurred, that the applicant was a victim, and that they cooperated with law enforcement. The certification form can be obtained by going to and downloading Form I-918, Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification and presenting it to the police department or the prosecutor who will be able to verify the information provided. In order to obtain the certification, the applicant will have to provide information about the agency providing the certification, the status of the case, the case number, dates in which the criminal activity occurred, where it occurred, and what criminal activity occurred.

Grounds for Inadmissibility

While individuals can still apply for a U visa if they possess a criminal or immigration record of their own, whether or not the applicant will be granted status depends on the violation committed by the applicant because some activities are waivable and some are not. There are criminal inadmissibility grounds and immigration inadmissibility grounds. Attaining the services of an immigration attorney can help you to determine whether or not you can qualify.

Criminal inadmissibility grounds include:

  • Having committed or admitted to committing crimes involving moral turpitude
  • Offenses relating to a controlled substance
  • Having committed two or more of the crimes
  • Committing other crimes such as prostitution, human trafficking, or money laundering

Immigration-related inadmissibility grounds include:

  • Being present without admission
  • Failure to attend removal proceedings
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Having smuggled individuals into the country
  • Unlawful presence

Applying for a Waiver if Deemed Inadmissible

In order to apply for a waiver after being deemed inadmissible, the applicant must demonstrate what the risk of harm to society would be if the individual is admitted, the seriousness of the prior violation, and the reasons for wishing to enter the US The applicant must also include reasons for wishing to remain in the US as well as any other relevant factors such as family ties, the financial impact of their departure to others, their contributions or ties to the community, and any hardship factors.

If the applicant is applying for a waiver of criminal related grounds, they must include:

  • A list of crimes for which the individual was convicted and where the conviction took place
  • Dates and place of the commission of the crime
  • Dates and places of conviction (including the name of the court)
  • Sentences any judgments received from the court
  • Explanation of the specific circumstances surrounding the crime or crimes
  • Evidence of rehabilitation

While Alexandria U visa applications can be arduous and stressful to fill out on one’s own, know that a skilled U visa attorney can help. Reach out to an experienced immigration lawyer to receive assistance on your application today.

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