Immigration Attorneys

This page is the future home of the Visa Firm—your immigration lawyer and visa application resources. If you are applying for a visa and are in need to legal representation, the Visa Firm can help you with your immigration-related needs

Now, more than ever, it is important for non-native individuals seeking business, employment, safety, or other opportunities in the United States to do so legally. However, with the increased attention that U.S. immigration policy is receiving in political spheres and the rapidly evolving nature of immigration laws and agencies that enforce them, it’s easy to get confused or caught up in administrative red tape.

Fortunately, the immigration lawyers at the Visa Firm are available to consult with clients who are applying for legal entry and/or employment to the United States. We understand how confusing and complex the process of applying for a visa can be, and so we take the time to walk our clients through the process step by step. When you work with the immigration attorneys at our firm, you’re getting more than just a body of legal knowledge—you’re working with an experienced legal advocate, a supporter, and someone who understands your needs.

Our immigration attorneys are here to represent clients applying for any number of U.S. immigration opportunities, including, but not limited to:

  • Green Cards
  • Path to Citizenship
  • Family-related visas (such as K-visas, IR-visas, and F-visas)
  • Employment visas (such as EB-visas and temporary employment visas)
  • Student Visas (such as F-visas, M-visas, or J-visas)
  • Investor Visas (such as EB-5 visas or E-2 visas)
  • Victims of Crimes (such as U-visas, or VAWA applicants)

The Visa Firm also handles an array of other immigration services, including deportation defense, asylum, waivers, immigration bonds, and other information and topics.

If you are interested in learning more about our immigration lawyers and how they can help you, please visit our full website, which will launch in the near future.