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Client reviews on this page were provided by real immigration clients of April Cockerham. Every case is different, and past successful results do not guarantee a favorable result in the future. If you have an immigration question, or need help with the visa process, contact immigration attorney April Cockerham today for a free initial consultation.

  • “When I reached out to April I was on an H1B visa, and I just married a US Citizen. April was able help me get my greencard, and now I have just a few years to go before I can apply for citizenship. April’s help was able to streamline the process and get me the result I needed.” – JP
  • “As the owner of a small IT consulting company going through our first H1 sponsorship, I was so happy to find Ms. April Cockerham via an internet search. Right from our initial phone conversation, April took the time to understand my company and our future employee’s situation. She worked diligently to get us through the sponsorship process; her responsiveness and willingness to explain every step of the process was impressive. I highly, highly recommend April Cockerham for support with immigration services; she clearly values all people and is a true champion for her clients!” – Donna
  • “Excellent Attorney, I have been a client of April Cockerham since 2011 , I strongly recommend her aggressive and determined approach to a case. For the past 3 years I have had successful results in my legal issues in several areas of immigration and I have recommended her to several of my clients as well, and very pleased to hear only good news in regards to her Professional skills.” – Corina

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